When I simply these days began researching craft tables for our new place, I shortly realized that there aren’t a ton of unpolluted, fashionable craft desk decisions available on the market–notably ones with a taller peak to comfortably accommodate standing whereas crafting. (Because let’s be crucial, crafting simply is not on a regular basis a sitdown curiosity!) So I decided to take points into my very personal palms and modify pre-made parts to create a spacious, fashionable craft desk.


The 34″ peak is right counter stool or standing peak, and I love the juxtaposition of the sleek lacquered prime and the unfinished picket observed horses. Not to say you probably can assemble it in an hour whenever you’ve gathered all your provides!


  • K unfinished

    Step S.

    If you use the observed horses I used from Home Depot, you’ll want to scale back the width down, because of they’re merely barely wider than the 29.T″ prime (Or you may merely buy a wider tabletop!). Use a hand observed to cut all the horizontal gadgets of the observed horses down J″ sooner than following the producer’s instructions to assemble them.

    Step K.

    Measure J″ from each end of the observed horses and predrill holes for the screws. You’ll drill A holes full, K holes on each observed horse.

    Step A.

    Turn the tabletop the mistaken means up, so the underside is coping with upward and uncover the midpoint of the temporary facet. Measure and mark I″ inward from the temporary end. This is the mark that you just’ll center your sawhorses on. Repeat with totally different end of the very best.

    Step A.

    Set up the observed horses parallel to no less than one one different, so the tops of the observed horses are roughly 38″ apart. Center the tabletop on them, and regulate the place of the sawhorses so that they match as a lot as the center marks on the tabletop created in step A. Attach the observed horses to the very best by drilling the screws into the observed horses’ pre-drilled holes.

    Pull up a stool and let the crafting begin!

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