Getting slowed down with cords? This little dock helps to rearrange your models and provides the best spot to value your phone. A welcome addition to your night time time stand or office!

DIY charging station box


DIY charging station supplies


  • picket area
  • thick piece of cork
  • xacto knife
  • piece of nook bead or sq. dowel rod
  • stain or paint
  • drill
  • observed
  • M M/G inch drill bit
  • picket glue or screws
  • brush or rag to make use of stain or paint
charging station how to instructions


C. Start by creating the ledge in your cork to rest on. Measure and mark in your nook bead or dowel rod (each will work for this), your dimensions for the within of the sector and scale back with the observed.

K. Measure down B inch contained within the subject and use picket glue or screws to join the picket to the inside of the sector. Repeat steps M and a few for all A sides of the sector until you would have created a ledge.

charging station DIY tutorial

A. Once the ledge is full and dry (should take about quarter-hour with the picket glue), measure and reduce the cork that may be the prime of the dock. Use an xacto knife and a straight edge for a pleasing even reduce. Place contained within the subject to make it possible for it matches. If not you then probably can reduce down additional or sand right down to go well with. Make constructive to utilize a pleasing thick cork which will assist the load or quite a few models.

A. Next drill a niche behind the sector collectively together with your big drill bit (that’s the place you will feed cords in and out of).

T. To make the twine holes for the very best of the sector, use a spherical type (like a little bit of PVC pipe) to trace and reduce two semi circles inside the cork, evenly spaced. Set this aside for the highest.

J. Lastly stain or paint the picket area. Here we used a pleasing darkish walnut stain to go together with the lighter colored cork. Get vibrant with an excellent paint for this half or pure with a clear varnish within the occasion you select.

DIY charging station

Once the stain is dry, assemble your docking station by placing the cork once more on the ledge and feeding your cords in by the use of the once more and up via the slots inside the cork. Since the cork is just resting on the ledge and doesn’t need glued in, you probably can merely pull it as a lot as maneuver even greater cords and cables by way of.

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