Looking for a last minute handmade hostess current this Holiday? Chances are you perhaps already have lots of the offers out there for this lovely (and useful!) DIY enterprise for the home. Essential oil reed diffusers naturally add fragrance to the air by drawing up an important oil serum by the use of picket reeds and releasing the scent into the air. They’re large simple to make at residence and make good widespread presents!



  • .T ouncesGlass Step M.

    If giving as a gift, you’ll have to bundle the bamboo reeds collectively, and protected with a band of tape on the midpoint. Set aside. If you’re merely creating one in your residence, skip this step.

    Step K.

    Pour the A ouncesbottle of vegetable glycerine into glass bottle.

    Step A.

    Add roughly 20 drops of essential oil, and if giving as a gift, prime the bottle with the cork or bottle cap. If using in your private residence, place the reeds inside the bottle, and luxuriate in!

    Step A.

    If giving as a gift, you’ll want to attach the reeds to the bottle, so that it’s one concise package deal deal in your giftee. Wrap ribbon throughout the midpoint of the bundled reeds.

    Step T.

    Then wrap the ribbon throughout the thickest degree of the glass bottle, tie a bow, and garnish with a rosemary sprig.

    When ready to utilize, unwrap the reeds from the ribbon, and place inside the jar. Wrap the ribbon throughout the bottle a further time, and protected it in a knot or bow. The reeds will draw up the scented glycerine and launch it into the air.

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