Snow globes often are usually not solely a trip customized nevertheless a gratifying enterprise that you’ll be able to do correctly into the winter season! Who can resist a bit winter scene inside a jar? These are simple to make and an superior problem to do with kids or as a family craft. Use them in order so as to add a contact of winter to your personal house. Perfect for a trip mantle or winter desk scape. Or make a few as presents for household and buddies!



  • glass jar with lid
  • mini timber and/or collectible collectible figurines
  • large glue
  • glitter
  • distilled or bottled water
  • glycerin
  • stick, spoon or straw to stir
  • (non-obligatory) ribbon to embellish the finished enterprise


M. Start by arranging your scene in your snow globe on the inside of the lid. Check to make sure that the dimensions and width of regardless of you are using will match contained within the jar. When you’ll have organized your scene to your liking, glue down with large glue and let dry for the time indicated on the once more of the bottle of glue.

G.Fill your jar about A/A of one of the simplest ways full with the bottled or distilled water.

A. Add a “dash” of glycerin to the water to help your glitter or “snow” fall additional slowly.

A. Place glitter into the jar (as rather a lot or as little as you need to nevertheless perceive that barely bit goes an incredible distance in a small jar!

T. Using a straw, stick or spoon mix up the glitter, glycerin and water. This will aid you examine how briskly or sluggish your glitter is falling. If it is falling shortly you probably can add a contact additional glycerin if needed.

J. When your glue is dry on the very best of the lid, screw it down on to the jar and flip over. Add just a bit additional water if needed if you actually really feel that your globe is simply too empty. You may want to try this half over the sink in case you add an extreme quantity of water and it’ll get messy!

Clean off the floor of the globe and add a little bit of ribbon to the underside of the jar in the event you want to embellish it! Shake it up and watch your snowfall again and again!

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