Whilst the summer season is about creating cool, shiny areas with chilly provides like marble, granite and laminates winter has a very completely totally different actually really feel. Instead of wanting cool provides I give in to cozy blankets, rugs in entrance of the wire and raw, textured picket. Unvarnished picket on a regular basis makes me contemplate cozy log picket cabins inside the snow and chopped logs piled up subsequent to an open fireside. I’m drawn to additional pure provides and supplies for the colder months which supplies this tutorial good timing!

White washed picture frames ace in front


This tutorial combines the cool, minimal look of pure white decor with a additional earthy warmth. My favourite technique to utilize frames is to spell out phrases spherical my residence. I use my favourite fonts to put completely totally different accented phrases spherical my residence that give me little lifts all by way of the day. This works biggest everytime you’re using frames that are A4 in measurement and smaller as a result of it’s simple to print out letters nevertheless for many who wanted to go for greater letters you’ll draw your private or reduce out from greater gadgets of paper and supplies.


  • Raw, Unvarnished Wooden Frames
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Sponge Brush
White washed picture frames materials


C. Mix equal parts of white acrylic paint with water. Make constructive to mix until you’ve got received a good consistency.

White washed picture frames mix paint

K. Using a foam sponge paint brush (these give a pleasing even tone) cowl the physique in a thin layer of the paint mixture.

White washed picture frames first layer

Don’t miss out the sides and once more of the physique as these shall be noticeable if they aren’t painted.

White washed picture frames first layer painting

S. Do the equivalent with your whole frames and depart to dry.

White washed picture frames first coat dry

A. When they’re dry make one different paint and water mixture, the similar as sooner than (half paint, half water)

White washed picture frames ready for second coat

T. Use your sponge brush to coat the physique with a second layer.

White washed picture frames second coat

J. Do the similar with all the frames and depart to dry.

White washed picture frames all painted

R. Now you’re capable of print out your letters in your favourite font. Increase the size until they nearly fill an A4 net web page and print out.

White washed picture frames first E

T. Once the frames are dry put the letters into the frames and cling collectively to spell out inspirational or unusual phrases spherical your home.

White washed picture frames ace

White washed picture frames ace front

White washed picture frames ace CE

White washed picture frames ace A

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